The EDU_Touch – Planet Emotion project aims to provide tools for preventing youth disadvantage and addiction. The project core relies in the training of 500 young people (15-18 years) on a correct use of new technologies and the promotion of volunteering.The project is funded by the Department of Anti-Drug Policies of the Italian Government and is coordinated by the non-profit organization CSV Marche. Tech4care contributes by developing a mobile app – Planet Emotion – which stimulates young people to fill in questionnaires about own mood and emotions. This aims, on one hand, to sustain self-awareness about the personal emotive sphere and, on the other hand, to help school teachers and volunteers interpreting at best children’s emotions and supporting them with tailored actions.

PlanetEmotion App AndroidPlanetEmotion App iOS


Young people at risk of youth disadvantage and addiction.


To support young people, teachers and volunteers to understand better children’s emotions.


To make publicly available the Planet Emotion app.