VR-RELIEF is a new mHealth solution which aims to improve self-management, empowerment and engagement in treatment for patients suffering from chronic pain. The patient uses a mobile app and wearable devices, integrated with a virtual coach based on artificial intelligence (AI) proprietary algorithms which runs a proactive monitoring.The VR-RELIEF solution offers a personal health and pain journal, as well as recommendations, multimedia training materials and reminders to the patient. Thanks to a secure communication infrastructure, health professionals in charge can monitor patient’s health condition at distance and communicate with him/her. An optional library of gamified exercises for pain treatment, relaxation and rehabilitation is available in a portable virtual reality (VR) environment. The VR-RELIEF solution is currently under final testing and refinements – to be commercialised soon.The development process was supported by European funds awarded in the framework of RELIEF PCP and INNOLABS projects, which were financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme (grant agreements no. 689476 and 691556).Tech4Care is the lead company which designed and developed the VR-RELIEF solution, in collaboration with Ulster University (United Kingdom), miThings AB (Sweden) and Hospital Universitario de la Ribera (Spain).



Patients with chronic pain.


To improve outcomes of chronic pain treatment and make it more efficient for care providers.


To provide VR-RELIEF to healthcare providers and patients in Europe and beyond.