FutureCare - the new Sensor

Tech4Care celebrates the beginning of the new year with the arrival of a new 3D printer for the R&D department. The investment was made with the contribution of the Marche Regional Operational Program ERDF as part of our FutureCare project. 

The 3D printer will allow the fast prototyping of new sensors that will be tested, certified and marketed in the coming months to innovate the offer for residential facilities and customers. 

Here is an abstract of the project! 



FutureCare general objective is to develop a distributed and smart platform for the monitoring of care services quality and of the well-being of guests, families and healthcare assistants. 

The FutureCare platform is conceived as an extension of the “Residenza Digitale” software suite (https://residenzadigitale.com/) already developed and offered by Tech4Care to its customers, interoperable with other software solutions already in use at the facilities. 

The most innovative element of the platform is identified in the development of an artificial intelligence framework which, integrated through an IoT approach with different environmental sensors, will be able to provide innovative digital services to meet the new emerging needs of the residential facilities, not least the need to identify in a timely manner, risks associated with the presence of unexpected events, poor hygiene and pathogens through non-invasive environmental sensors. 


FutureCare platform offers an integrated framework that includes services and products tailored on residential care facilitieseffective needs, following a modular approach. 

In its final and most comprehensive set-up, FutureCare will be composed by:  

  1. A DISTRIBUTED HARDWARE PLATFORMcomposed by devices (installed in guestsrooms and available for users, families and nurses) and sensors for identifying projects parameters such as guestspresence and position, air quality, doors and windows and tracking anonymous videos and audio. 


  1. A SOFTWARE MODULE FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL AND MANAGER,for the management and monitoring of care, hospitality and administrative processes, detected thanks to the integration with the hardware platform components. The software module will be a scalable product and it will be able to manage and assess potentially dangerous events and anomalies (for example unsuitable temperatures, opened windows and doors, residentsfalls, etc.) in an intelligent, proactive e predictive way. 


  1. A SOFTWARE“INFO AND EDUTAINMENT” MODULE FOR USERS (for independent Residents and their families) on mobile devices (tablet or smartphone) to provide them with innovative and customized information services (e.g. daily menu, administrative communications), entertainment (e.g. radio, TV and teleconference programs), training (e.g. brain-training applications) and monitoring of health conditions (e.g. in connection with the facility’s care folder).