HS Monitor Demo in Turkey

The first demo of the new digital solution developed by Tech4Care, Gesan, Innatolia, miThings and Probel under the HyperHealth project took place on 2nd December in Istanbul.

Our Turkish partner Innatolia demoed all the functionalities developed by the consortium for the comprehensive hypertension care in the community.

Representatives of the procurers of HSMonitor PCP (which finances the project), and a board of clinicians and patients attended the presentation.

It has been an opportunity for us to interact directly with the end users of the solution and to collect useful feedback and suggestions.

Our project has been welcomed with such enthusiasm that pushes us doing better and better! We immediately got back to work to make the HyperHealth solution more and more functional and attractive!

Stay tuned! We will update you on new developments soon!

Here more info on the HyperHealth project: https://www.hyperhealth.app/