One of the three trials envisaged by the Anti-Superbugs PCP project has officially started at the MútuaTerrassa hospital in Barcelona. 

In the framework of Anti-Superbugs PCP, Tech4Care and Sens Solutions have created the Sens4Care solution. 

The goal of the trial is to test the potential of the device developed by our partner Sens Solutions in identifying three bacteria that are at the root of widespread hospital infection problems (Stafilococco Aureus, Clostridium Difficile, Klebsiella Pneumoniae). 

Tech4Care oversaw the design and preparation phase of the technical-scientific dossier, the notification to the competent authority and the submission of the documentation to the ethics committees of the three countries in which the trials will take place (Italy, Spain, Germany). 

In addition, Tech4Care has developed the platform for the integration of Sens4Care devices in the context of care processes. 

Here more info on Sens4Care: